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My One Slide Summary of EPH and EPH+ (for the Q&A session at MidAmeriCon 2)

Main Features of EPH/EPH+
No change to how people nominate
Slate and strategy –resistant (not –proof)
Politically neutral (ignores agenda behind slate, only voting pattern)
Uses two key numbers for each work: nominations and points
Each ballot splits 1 point between surviving works in a category
EPH: 1 point if only 1 work, ½ for 2, 1/3 for 3, ¼ for 4, 1/5 for 5
EPH+: 1 point for 1, 1/3 for 2, 1/5 for 3, 1/7 for 4, 1/9 for 5 (need not sum to 1)
This is the only difference between EPH & EPH+ (EPH+ points are more slate-resistant)
Each round, the two works with the least points compete for elimination
Whichever has fewer total nominations is eliminated
Ballots nominating eliminated work have points redistributed to the other works named
Most fan ballots are diverse, so popular works gain points as weaker works eliminated
Slate ballots don’t gain points until slate works are forced to compete with each other
Longer presentation at #2 in http://sasquan.org/e-pluribus-hugo-faq/
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